People buy land with dreams of building a house later. Over time those dreams change. People get divorced, people die or people move on. The land is not wanted anymore and sits there unused and you have to pay all the taxes and often also HOA fees. Whatever your reason, I would like to help you and offer you a good price for your land.

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Avoid the hassle of selling the land yourself:

  • Avoid the hassle of trying to sell the land on your own in the confusing online world with many real estate websites.
  • Avoid dealing with phone calls of people who want to get the land with a minimum downpayment and owner financing over many decades.
  • Avoid foreclosure. Even if you are way behind on property taxes or other land-related fees, we will make a fair all-cash offer.
  • Avoid been stuck in a contract with a realtor for 6 months or more.


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Why is it better selling to an Investor than to a Realtor?

Realtors are usually not very much interested in spending much energy in selling low value land from which they can only earn a very small commission. They are usually specialized in houses where they can get a huge commission.

I am specialized in land and I would be happy to present you an offer for your land.

Don't worry about it anymore.

  • Don’t worry about the condition of your land.
  • We buy all kinds of land, including unattractive plots in the middle of nowhere.
  • We buy agricultural, forest or rural use land.
  • We buy residential or commercial use land.


Interested or skeptical?


If you received a letter with a purchase contract, please be aware that the price was generated by a computer program with limited knowledge and resources. Please forgive us if the price was totally off as it was most likely a computer error. We are open to discussing the price of your property.

The price we offer is priced according to comparable sold properties in the same area in the recent time. We cannot pay the full market value for any property we buy but I can assure you that we pay much more than other land investors. We are not seeking to buy high value properties but only unwanted land, which is difficult to sell. Realtors are not very much interested in spending much energy in selling low value land from which they can only earn a very small commission.


Once we receive your property information, we will send you a no-obligation cash offer, usually within 48 hours. It will not be computer generated but estimated according to publicly available online information and comparable properties.

You can submit your property information in various ways:

  • Call us at (747) 217-3260
  • Email us:
  • Fill out the message field above

If you have more questions about selling land, please check also the FAQ site.

You want to be taken off from our mailing list?

You are not happy about getting blind offers? We respect that! You could send us your name and reference number and we will take you off from our mailing list but you may still receive offer letters from other land investors.
The best way not to get marketing letters at all is to add your address to the national “do not mail register” at
Most investors and other companies will respect that.
Landious never buys addresses from people who have registered there.

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