"Many people buy land with dreams of building a house later. Over time those dreams change. People get divorced, people die or people move on. Other people inherit land. That land is not wanted and sits there unused and you have to pay all the taxes and sometimes also HOA fees. Whatever your reason, I would like to help you and offer you a good price for your land."

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Kerstin Knuepfer
Colorado We buy land

Avoid the hassle of selling the land yourself:

  • Avoid the hassle of trying to sell the land on your own in the confusing online world with many real estate websites.
  • Avoid dealing with phone calls of people who want to get the land with a minimum downpayment and owner financing over many decades.
  • Avoid foreclosure. Even if you are way behind on property taxes or other land-related fees, we will make a fair all-cash offer.
  • Avoid been stuck in a contract with a realtor for 6 months or more.


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“I am specialized in land (mainly residential buildable land) and I would be happy to present you an offer for your land. I buy land in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and other states.”

Why is it better selling to an Investor than trying to find a buyer via a Realtor?

  • Selling vacant land directly to a land investor can be a better option because the land investor (Kerstin) is a cash buyer and you the seller will get payed right after closing. If you give your land to a realtor it can sit on the market for months or years without finding a buyer.
  • Land investors are experts in their field. They may also work with you to structure a deal that fits your specific needs, which can be difficult to achieve through a traditional real estate agent.
  • Realtors are usually not very much interested in spending much energy in selling low value land from which they can only earn a small commission (usually 6 % of the sale price). They are usually specialized in houses where they can get a huge commission because the value of a house is much higher.
  • However if you have time and can wait for a fast moving market where buyers pay full market value of the property then a realtor might be the better option for you.

A land investor is like a used car dealer

You can compare a land investor to a used car dealer. You bring your old car to the car dealer and get paid in cash immediately. The car dealer then invests in your old car with their own money. The car dealer cleans the car and beautifies it. Then they put it on the market for sale. They deal with all kinds of questions about it on the phone and by email, and let potential buyers take test drives. It will take some time before they sell the car. For all this they also want to make some profit. 
That’s also what a land investor does. The land investor can improve the land by drilling a well, getting permits, building a fence, and making surveys and subdivisions. An investor invests with their own cash.
If you want to sell your car and you have time and the patience to deal with interested people, then you yourself put your car on the market. Then, you’ll have the best chance of getting the highest market price. 
The same with land. I want to be upfront with you. If you want the highest market price for your land, then I recommend that you yourself do the research and marketing in order to sell it on the market.

We can’t buy land that

  • has more than 50 % wetlands
  • is next or under high voltage power lines (the big ones, the small power lines are fine)
  • has no legal and physical access with at least a dirt road (no landlocked land).
  • has or recently had illegal activities on it.
  • is next or very close to Highways or Freeways if it is residential land.
  • is not accessible because it is too steep

There are a few other things that makes it impossible to buy.

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Interested or skeptical?


If you received a letter with a purchase contract, please be aware that the price was generated by a computer program with limited knowledge and resources. Please forgive us if the price was totally off as it was most likely a computer error. We are open to discussing the price of your property.

The price we offer is priced according to comparable sold properties in the same area in the last year. We cannot pay the full market value for any property we buy but I can assure you that we pay much more than other land investors. We are not seeking to buy high value properties but only unwanted land, which is difficult to sell. Realtors are not very much interested in spending much energy in selling low value land from which they can only earn a very small commission.


Once we receive your property information, we will send you a no-obligation cash offer, usually within a few days. It will not be computer generated but estimated according to publicly available online information and comparable properties.

You can submit your property information in various ways:

  • Text me at (747) 217-3260
  • Call me and leave a message (747) 217-3260
  • Email me: info@landious.com
  • Fill out the message field above

If you have more questions about selling land, please check also the FAQ site.

You want to be taken off from our mailing list?

You are not happy about getting blind offers? We respect that! You could send us your name and reference number and we will take you off from our mailing list but you may still receive offer letters from other land investors.
The best way not to get marketing letters at all is to add your address to the national “do not mail register” at https://www.usa.gov/telemarketing#item-35222
Most investors and other companies will respect that.
Landious never buys addresses from people who have registered there.

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